Spotify Playlists

This page contains links to some of my public Spotify playlists, some are direct links and others are via a post on this blog. You can find my profile here.

When Naomi and I were married in 2014 we made three CDs of romantic music, and also made them into Spotify playlists. These are suitable for anytime, but especially on or near Valentine’s Day. Below are links to the three separate playlists and one with all the songs on. The songs alternate Naomi’s choice and then mine. The one serious omission, for which I’ve been kicking myself, is Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Into My Arms.

Here are some other playlists you might be interested in:

Jimi Hendrix Spotify Playlist

Super Bad (K-Tel 1974)

Please note that this page is a work in progress, last updated Tuesday 5 April 2022.