Influential Albums

I’ve been asked a couple of times on Facebook to post twenty covers of albums that have been personally influential to me, but without comment.

Each time I’ve had difficulty narrowing it down to twenty, even though I limited myself to 1980 as the cut-off point. I found myself adding albums after the twenty, as there’s just so many.

I’m writing about them all on this blog. It’ll take a while before I’ve completed the project, especially if I keep adding albums!

You can see all my influential albums (so far) by clicking here, or individually below (in order of artist)…

Tapestry (Carole King)

Aqualung (Jethro Tull)

Jimi Hendrix Spotify Playlist – referring to Electric Ladyland

Unknown Pleasures (Joy Division)

Station to Station (Kraftwerk) – referring to Autobahn

The Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)

Rising (Rainbow)

Please note that this page is a work in progress, last updated 18 May 2021.