Coronavirus Updates

This page was dedicated to providing up-to-date information for the Wallsend Corps of the Salvation Army during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. You can find current information on the Wallsend Corps Facebook Page.

Social distance with emotional and spiritual connection.

Coronavirus Update (Monday 30 March 2020)
Salvation Army weekly publications (War Cry, Kids Alive! and Salvationist) are now available online, click on the links.

Coronavirus Update (Monday 23 March 2020)
New restrictions have been imposed by the UK government today to reduce the spread of this virus. Take a very deep breath, take time to absorb and process everything, ground yourself with the source of your inner strength. Be affirmed and be still, encourage and be encouraged, love and be loved.

Coronavirus Update (Sunday 22 March 2020)
A number of people from the corps were able to deliver Mother’s Day flowers, Salvation Army papers and other bits and pieces to others today, and this is really appreciated. In addition to this page, you can find us on Facebook. Stay safe, protect others and be an encourager.

Coronavirus Update (Friday 20 March 2020)
Please note: I’m not able to make any changes to the Wallsend Corps webpage on the THQ website because it’s in a period of transition (unfortunate timing) while moving to a new design and format. This means that all corps and centre pages are in lockdown, which is somewhat ironic given the current crisis.

Coronavirus Update (Thursday 19 March 2020)
We’re currently building a prayer chain and communication network for passing information quickly up and down, with special thought being given to those who are not online. I’ll be putting a Sunday worship meeting online, with a paper copy for those not able to access this. Regarding SA papers, my initial knee-jerk reaction was to cancel those we sell in the street, I hesitated because there is probably a way we could use these in our ongoing ministry. Please let me know your thoughts. This week we have received extra Kid’s Alive! which can be used in the Easter period, some of these were for our first Messy Church which, sadly, will not be happening now. We’re also looking at ways we can provide and deliver emergency food parcels. Please affirm and encourage one another, we’re all human and need it so much. I’ve done this as I’ve gone about my daily life and people have been so lifted by a simple smile and word of thanks.

Coronavirus Update (Wednesday 18 March 2020)
Friends, after a difficult day yesterday for many, and with so many thoughts and emotions flying around, I’m finding some clarity of thought and positive action this morning. Please be patient, but I’ll communicate in due course.

Coronavirus Update 2 (Tuesday 17 March 2020)
It’s with a very heavy heart I have to announce that we are closing all public meetings with immediate effect, and until further notice. I’m now actively looking at ways we can support each other as a corps, and meet some of the needs in our local community. Similarly, I’m considering how we might ‘do church’ in this new and bewildering world. In each of these areas, I’ll be pleased to receive suggestions on how we might achieve this, because none of us has a ready-made answer. Please watch this space.

Coronavirus Update 1 (Tuesday 17 March 2020)
I will be making a statement in due course. Please observe government instructions.

Public Health England (Published Monday 16 March 2020)
Some more helpful information – Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK and protecting older people and vulnerable adults.

Coronavirus Update (Monday 16 March 2020)
I went through my COVID19 risk-assessments for Wallsend Corps late last night and into the early hours. I’ve made some hard decisions and recommendations. These have been communicated to the relevant people and will be published here in due course.

Coronavirus Update 2 (Sunday 15 March 2020)
Dear friends. It’s looking extremely likely that cancellation of some or all of our activities will have to occur sooner rather than later. This will be determined by updated risk-assessments that I’ll be making tomorrow morning. My priority has to be the protection of all who attend Wallsend Corps, as well as our overall responsibility to contain this outbreak of coronavirus as much as possible. I will not shy away from making hard and decisive decisions, we can’t afford to be complacent under the guise of compassion.

Coronavirus Update 1 (Sunday 15 March 2020)
There may be a need to close some or all of our events and activities in the near future and at short notice. Please keep coming back to this page for up-to-date information. I have asked all activity leaders to continue to make their own ongoing risk-assessments for their area of responsibility, and I will support them on the basis of a good rationale for their decisions. Some activities will also be receiving advice and guidance from outside agencies (Brownies and Rainbows) and this will be respected. Equally, advice or guidance from the Salvation Army nationally (or the government) may have to be observed by all of us.

Coronavirus Update 2 (Saturday 14 March 2020)
I’m just finishing off the PowerPoint presentations for worship tomorrow (Sunday 15 March 2020) at the normal times of 10.45 am and 6.15 pm. You are all very welcome, but please observe all coronavirus advice. The situation is under constant review. All options are being considered to protect everyone, and to fulfil our responsibility towards society as a whole to reduce the spread of this virus. This is a fast-changing situation and decisions may have to be made with little or no notice.

Coronavirus Update 1 (Saturday 14 March 2020)
In the current situation, I’m seeking to reassure you as much as I can, whilst also trying avoiding the twin dangers of over-reacting or under-reacting, and doing the right things. With that in mind, here’s a link to a letter from the Territorial Commander Anthony Cotterill that you might find helpful: TC’s Letter. Our Sunday worship meetings will be taking place as normal tomorrow (Sunday 15 March 2020) at 10.45 am and 6.15 pm, in the morning our theme is the Woman at the Well, and in the evening the Raising of Lazarus. As there will be no handshaking, please find other ways to greet and encourage one another. If you feel fearful or uncertain about attending the corps, or if you need to self-isolate, there is no pressure on you to come to any event or activity. I’m currently looking at how we can support each other practically in the coming days.

Coronavirus Thought (Saturday 14 March 2020)
We have an attitude in the Salvation Army of carrying on regardless, a sense of duty that we must be there. This mindset will not serve us or others well in the current health crisis. If you feel fearful or uncertain about attending the corps, or if you need to self-isolate, there is no pressure on you to come to any event or activity.

Coronavirus Update (Friday 13 March 2020)
In a rapidly changing situation, activities and events are under constant review; but for now, the previous advice and information remain the same. I’ll be creating a page (this page) on my personal site as a one-stop point of reference so that you’ll always have the latest information with no conflicting messages. I’ll also be ensuring that those not online receive this information by other means. No activities or events have been cancelled as yet, but this may change. I reiterate that if you feel fearful or uncertain about attending the corps, or if you need to self-isolate, there is no pressure on you to come to any event or activity.

Coronavirus Update (Thursday 12 March 2020)
Please continue to take notice of all official and medical advice. Use the provided spray and wipes at the corps to clean door handles and the like. Wash hands well with soap and water. If you feel vulnerable or have any symptoms please self-isolate and let us know so that we can contact and support. Do not feel any pressure to attend Sunday worship meetings or any other activities. Please pass this information to those not online.

Public Health England (Published Thursday 12 March 2020)
This provides really helpful information – Stay at home: guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Coronavirus Update (Friday 6 March 2020)
Worship meetings as normal this Sunday (8 March 2020) at 10.45 am and 6.15 pm. In the morning we’re considering the Transfiguration of Jesus, and the Book of Ruth in the evening. Please take all sensible precautions with regards to coronavirus. We have a supply of tissues should you need them, door handles have been cleaned, and surface wipes are available. We should probably avoid handshaking to be on the safe side, so please find creative ways to welcome each other. Don’t panic, don’t over-react, but do wash your hands well with soap and water. Please follow all official advice.