Thinking Allowed 17/05/22

With all the problems surrounding Boris Johnson’s oven-ready Brexit deal (that he was aware of when he signed it) it’s such a shame there’s no system of free trade and movement within Europe that would save the UK £billions, support British businesses, reduce red tape, and avoid the need for the government to break International law. Oh, wait a minute…

Thinking Allowed 11/05/22

No wonder there’s a movement towards unity with the South in Northern Ireland. The people see a glorious future of free trade and free movement aligned with Ireland and the EU.

With the NI Protocol they’re already better off than the rest of the UK, so why would they throw away these benefits by remaining associated with a narrow-minded Brexit restricted UK?

How do I get an Irish passport?

Thinking Allowed 10/05/22

Corrupt politicians want you to believe they’re ALL as bad as them. Don’t fall for it!

Most politicians are people of integrity who uphold the best democratic principles of Britain. They don’t trash British institutions because it suits their blatant lies or narrow ambitions.

You might not like Sir Keir Starmer, that’s OK, but he’s putting integrity and trust before his political career.

Respect for ALL MPs who put democracy and integrity first.

Thinking Allowed 06/05/22

If the government’s Rwanda immigration policy is shown to be illegal by the courts it will be because it’s illegal, not because of ‘left-wing lawyers’. We need to protect the independence of institutions central to our democracy, and resist political propaganda and Daily Mail distortion.

Thinking Allowed 06/04/22

The divorce laws have changed today in England and Wales. I’ve noticed that people who have strong opinions about divorce and remarriage often haven’t been divorced. These life experiences usually bring better understanding and deeper compassion. Dogma can cause hurt. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Be kind.

Thinking Allowed 30/03/22

Whatever your views about the Queen and Andrew, I think there’s too much analysis and criticism. It was a family memorial service, he supported his mother via a side entrance, and left the others to do all the public stuff (including walking down the aisle). We’re not ignoring his past actions, but we can show some humanity and respect for the Queen.

Thinking Allowed 28/03/22

Chris Rock verbally assaulted Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Smith physically assaulted Chris Rock. Both assaults are unjustified and unacceptable. Both go to the heart of our human nature. We all have the tendency to act inappropriately. Equally, we can all make the choice to be kind. Let’s learn from both assaults and move on.