Three Questions for Brexit Voters

As a passionate European, I’d be grateful if Brexit voters could answer three questions:

  • Can you explain to my three young children why they no longer have the freedom to live, find love, study, work, and retire in the EU because of Brexit? The first four of which were enjoyed by my grown-up daughter in Italy.
  • Can you explain what the UK government is doing to support long-established British businesses and farmers who are going out of business because they no longer have easy and economic access to their markets in the EU?
  • Do you think the promised £350m/week to the NHS (instead of giving it to the EU) was a lie? If not, please help me to understand how the NHS is benefiting from the extra money.

Three simple questions, not difficult, no tricks.

3 thoughts on “Three Questions for Brexit Voters

  1. I voted to leave and was, in very short order and very emotionally, corrected by my elder daughter. Too late, I’d voted. I cannot answer any of those questions because, too late, I found that they were all lies, and there were many others. I have regrets.
    I certainly didn’t believe the £350 million lie, that was farcical, but I thought the EU political structure to be undemocratic and that made me feel uncomfortable. With the benefit of hindsight, the EU is far more democratic in its structure and functioning than the UK has ever been. I was wrong, hands up.
    You asked for leave voters to answer, this is my answer. I sincerely hope that there are lot more like me.

  2. One brave, honest man! The rest are pretending they ‘never voted leave!’

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