Forza Horizon on Xbox 360

I’m not a big video gamer, but I do enjoy realistic driving games. Having said that, I haven’t played one for about ten years. Even then, it was Gran Turismo 4 (2004) on an old PlayStation 2. I loved the game though, and completed it a couple of times.

We were recently given a second-hand Xbox 360 and I bought Forza Horizon for £5 on eBay. Yes, it’s an old game on an old console, but for me it was a ten-year upgrade. It’s a superb game, and my driving skills hadn’t forsaken me, I finished 1st in my first two competitive games.

Freddy (7) was amazed, he thought I’d be rubbish. This 67-year-old dad has still got it. Cue smug face!

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