Microsoft Windows Security

I have a policy of never paying for anti-virus software; but is this stance justified? Why pay for software when Windows Security comes free with Windows?

Some say it isn’t the best out there, but it must be said that no anti-virus software is 100% reliable. Its advantages are that it integrates perfectly with Windows, it’s free and it’s not system hogging. I also immunise my PC regularly with SpywareBlaster (free version).

Ultimately, the best anti-virus protection is the PC user; don’t go to dodgy[dot]com and always pay attention to potential threats. This is my joined-up plan around Windows Security, one that has served me well for many years, and remember that most PCs get viruses (and the like) because of users’ ignorance or gullibility. So, as I often say, ‘Keep up and pay attention’ – security is your responsibility, you know it makes sense!

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