More Signals, More Dreams

This album by Puppy Bordiga is one of my favourites of 2021. You can see all my favourite albums of 2021 by clicking here, or the ones that missed out here.

Let me share with you the album notes: This is an album inspired on the work of those who capture the signals from the skies… Somehow continuing the line of my previous album Visiting our Neighborhood.

This new work started as an almost all guitars and sound processing thing, but evolves exponentially with the addition of the keyboards. I’ve tried to balance the different moods, it is for moments ambient, experimental, symphonic, and even alien-alike music (if that exists). A reflection on macrocosmic genesis and life.

As we are made from interstellar material up to the very single atom, putting the eyes on the skies, remembering our connection with the Cosmos could be a healthy breath in the difficult times we’re facing these days.

Volume levels recommended, as all the works of this kind are from medium to low, although you’re free to do what you want. Enjoy!

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