The Fallas of Valencia

The Fallas of Valencia is a unique festival celebrated every year in the Mediterranean city of Valencia in Eastern Spain. The celebration lasts over two weeks with different festivities including parades and fireworks, but it culminates on March 19 when big and colourful fallas (monuments made from cardboard, wood, and paper) are displayed throughout the city. The monuments, often satirical in nature, can be very tall and consist of various parts.

Throughout the event, there are competitions to elect the top prize. The celebrations end around midnight on March 19, at which time the beautiful fallas are set ablaze in a spectacular display known as La Cremà (“the burning” in Valencian). The origin of the celebration goes back to the Middle Ages when carpenters would burn pieces of wood to mark the beginning of Spring.

Note: Information is from my ‘Living Language 2022’ Spanish Calendar and the photo is one I took at a similar event in Alicante in 2009.

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