How To Be Right (James O’Brien)

This fantastic book confronts lazy thinking, populist assumptions, and downright lies. James O’Brien forensically and ruthlessly demolishes populist statements and beliefs, opinions which have no basis in fact, but ones that many people cling on to. He seeks out truth in the fine tradition of true journalism. He believes that holding truth to power should be at the heart of democracy.

He adresses the lies people believe about Islam, Brexit, LGBT, ‘Woke’, Feminism, the Nanny State, Liberalism, and the Age Gap, as well as the pronouncements of populist leaders like Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and Nigel Farage.

If you believe any this populist nonsense, then read this book at your peril. You may need to change your opinions. Sadly, many still believe the lies, even when presented with the truth.

An exceptional broadcaster with a peerless ability to calmly point out the absurdity of certain viewpoints. The Guardian.

On the back cover there is some trolling of the very highest calibre: O’Brien is the epitome of a smug, sanctimonious, condescending, obsessively politically-correct, champagne-socialist public schoolboy Remoaner. The Sun.

Anyone who cares about the future of democracy should read this book.

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