Transforming Love

Bible Reading: Luke 9:28-36

The Transfiguration of Jesus features twice in the Christian year. August 6 is the traditional day, but it features in the Lectionary today.

The whole experience is mysterious and overloaded with symbolism, some of which we might pick up quickly, while other aspects might leave us puzzled and pondering. We get a hint of the resurrection, still a long way off. We get obvious signs that Jesus is understood as the one who is fulfilling all the ancient promises of the Hebrew Law and the prophets. The fact that it’s happening on a mountain top echoes Moses and the Ten Commandments. The ‘departure’ they were discussing was literally an ‘exodus,’ so there are plenty of hints of other parts of the ancient stories too. You get the idea.

Jesus was seen in all his glory by his close disciples, and were changed forever. They saw something of his transforming love and couldn’t be the same again. They saw his glory on the mountain top but brought the profound experience down into their everyday lives.

Jesus was transfigured, but it was the disciples who were changed. May we see the glory of God and the transforming love of Jesus in our lives and share it in the world, bringing hope and peace to the world’s darkest places.

Sonnet for the Transfiguration (Malcolm Guite)

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