Windows 10 is NOT the final OS!

Like many others, I thought Windows 10 was going to be the final version of the operating system, with only upgrades going forward. Apparently not.

Windows 11 is now available for testing, and this upgrade might be because Apple announced it was moving on from OS X to Version 11, and Microsoft didn’t want to be seen as left behind. A victory for the marketing people!

Our laptop doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11, but Microsoft are making some exceptions for those in the Windows Insider Program. We’ll continue to get insider preview updates for Windows 11 until it’s generally available. If there’s any problems and we have to revert back to Windows 10, we can’t then reinstall Windows 11.

When it’s fully released, it’s recommended for us to go back to Windows 10 with a completely fresh installation, and they will provide the ISO file. I’m hoping to avoid this, I’ll see how it goes.

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