A Momentous Decision

Today (25 June 2021) I made the momentous decision NOT to buy a physical diary for 2022, totally switching to an electronic one (Google Calendar) – one that I can access on my laptop or smartphone.

For many years I’ve used both analogue and digital diaries, focussing on the strengths of each format. I especially enjoyed the tactile pleasure of touching and using a quality Moleskine diary.

But the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 meant that many people ended the year with many empty pages in their paper diaries. For me, it also coincided with my retirement, and so the connection with a physical diary loosened somewhat.

This year, much as I love my Moleskine diary, using it is not coming as naturally as before, almost becoming a chore sometimes. So I made the sad decision to switch completely, sorry Moleskine! At least my bank balance will be a little healthier, it was a small luxury I allowed myself. At least I can still use their wonderful notebooks, I can’t see myself NOT using them!

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