Annular Solar Eclipse (2021)

On 10 June 2021 there was an annular solar eclipse, when the Moon is too far from the Earth to completely cover the disc of the Sun. The Moon was only two days past apogee (its farthest distance from the Earth) and so a ‘ring of fire’ appeared around the Moon.

Not many people were around to see it though, as it was only fully visible in very northerly latitudes. The ground track where the full eclipse was visible began in Arctic Canada, then passing across northwestern Greenland, the Arctic Ocean (it crossed the North Pole), finishing off in the far corner of northeastern Siberia.

The width of any solar eclipse path is always narrow (this time 527 km across), but a partial eclipse was visible over a much wider area of the northern hemisphere. I was able to briefly see a ‘bite’ taken out of the Sun from Northern England when it was behind some thick cloud, but it was only a very quick glance.

Important Note: Never look directly at the Sun.

See also: A Very British Eclipse

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