Trinity Sunday (2021)

Today’s Sunday Devotional is a guest post by Stephen Poxon, one that he shared on Facebook and is reproduced here with permission:

In this year’s church calendar, May 30th is marked as Trinity Sunday. Here is a hymn you may wish to use in services and meetings, set to Bishop Michael Baughen’s marvellous tune Majestas (Name of all Majesty).

Grace wrapped in mystery,
Older than history,
God the eternal, the great three-in-one!
Father on sapphire throne,
Son as the Virgin’s own,
Spirit our lives to hone;
These we adore!

God the ineffable
Loves the unlovable;
Heartbeat of mercy, thrice-keen to restore
Those who have lost their way,
Wand’rers and those astray;
Kindness threefold display;
Him we adore!

Trinity, one-in-three,
Equal in majesty,
Godhead united in glorious power!
Brooding o’er ancient earth,
Humbled by lowly birth,
Trio of matchless worth,
This we adore!

God inexplicable,
High, indivisible,
Peerless in splendour, in love unsurpassed!
Yet, seen at Calvary;
Salvation’s bravery,
All for unworthy me!
Now I adore!

© Stephen Poxon
Trinity Sunday 2021

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