All Saints’ Church Northampton

On this day (20 May 1950) my parents (Fred and Jean) were married in All Saints’ Church Northampton.

I took this photo on a visit with my daughter Sarah two years ago (2019) on their anniversary. We’d just visited my mother in hospital, where she died a few days later. It was a poignant occasion then, as it is as I write this. I miss my parents very deeply, and tears are in my eyes.

The church stands prominently in the centre of Northampton, my home town.

There has always been a church on the site of All Saints’ since Norman times, although All Hallows, as it was then, was not the ‘Mother Church’ of the ancient settlement. The church we see today, however, is that built after the Great Fire of Northampton in 1675. Source

See also: Silent Joy in Grief

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