Become aware of Him (Harry Read)

For my Sunday devotional today, I share some words of Salvation Army Officer Harry Read that he previously shared on Facebook.

Many years ago when I was preparing the script for the Cadet’s Commissioning at The Royal Albert Hall in London, I had the feeling that a special kind of song was needed. More than once I’d started writing the verses but the inspiration wasn’t flowing. However it slowly dawned on me that the song was closer to hand than I had imagined because the Lord – It had to be, the Lord – was leading me to John, our son. Through conversation and observation I was aware of the larger issues of life that John was facing. It seemed obvious to me to me that, through him, the theme of the song was clear but that wasn’t the time to reveal its source.

The verses were written and with his consummate skill the then Captain Robert Redhead wrote the music. The Cadets sang it wonderfully well, possibly because they too related to the theme of the song and, quite quickly, the song became part of our International music ministry.

Quite some time later, when John and his lovely wife, Anne, were married and Cadets at the International Training College, I shared with them the source of the song. Obviously they were moved and, in the family since then, we have always called the song, ‘John’s Song’.

Jesus knows your way,
The road your feet now tread;
Jesus knows your way,
The steps that lie ahead.
Far past the distant view
With dangers ever new,
He knows your way
And walks that way with you.

Become aware of Him,
For he is ever near;
Speak out your prayer to Him
For He will ever hear.
Stretch out your hand to Him,
He’s ever by your side;
Leave all you’ve planned to Him
And let Him guide.

Jesus knows your heart,
Those depths of hidden fire,
Jesus knows your heart,
Those heights of pure desire,
His love can scan and tell
The forces that rebel,
He knows your heart
And longs within to dwell.

Jesus knows your life
The man whom time has made;
Jesus knows your life
With all its light and shade,
Knows what you ought to be,
Sees your great destiny;
He knows your life
And offers Calvary.

Ephesians 3: 16, 17a
“…I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith…”.

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