Funeral of Prince Philip

I write this immediately following the funeral of Prince Philip on Saturday 17 April 2021, one defined by coronavirus restrictions with only 30 mourners.

The image of the Queen on her own is a very profound and significant one. Whilst no one should be allowed to grieve alone, a solitary Queen served as a powerful identification with so many of her people during the ongoing pandemic.

Prior to the service I posted on Facebook: Whatever your views about the monarchy (and that’s a debate for another day) we currently have a Royal Family, and we pay them respect. Not because they are better than us, but because the Queen is our head of state. Although not perfect, she and Prince Philip have served us well over the years in a variety of ways.

Let me share some words of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on BBC Radio 4: To set aside your own rights and interests in order to serve others is always difficult, but as we reflect on the life of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh, we are reminded of how much it is possible to achieve when we dedicate our lives to larger causes than ourselves. Prince Philip shows how someone dedicated to bringing people together and encouraging the journeys of others achieved so much more than we can ever hope to on our own.

You can read the whole text here.

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