Men need to be part of the solution

Whatever the story (which will become clear in the coming days) behind the murder of Sarah Everard, it’s raised the issue of verbal and physical violence against women on the streets. I’ve shared my thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, and have now put them together in this blog post.

Women shouldn’t be expected to change their behaviour, men should change theirs. And before you say SOME men, I mean ALL men. Cross the road, put your hood down, start a phone conversation – anything to demonstrate you’re not a threat. Empathy is NOT difficult, it’s NOT a dirty word, it’s NOT being a snowflake, it’s NOT taking anyone’s freedom away. Men, listen to your female friends in humility without giving your opinion, it’s NOT about you!

Women know it’s not ALL men, but they don’t know WHICH men, so they stay wary of ALL men. It’s not rocket science!

As a man, I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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