Favourite Albums 2020

My musical listening during 2020 has been somewhat haphazard, mainly because of circumstances (coronavirus, retirement, young children, and moving to a new house) as well as a desire to listen to comforting old and established favourites.

Similarly, my choices this year reflect the unique nature of 2020. a year unlike any other for all of us. Indeed, many are comforting, meditative, and reflective.

It’s obvious, of course, that I can never listen to all the albums released each year, and I’ve listened to fewer than my usual number in 2020. You can see my favourites I’ve blogged about by clicking here, or individually below. Earth, by EOB/Ed O’Brien was added in January 2021 as I missed it in 2020.

Myopia (Agnes Obel)

break_fold (break_fold)

Coast (Cousin Silas)

Coloured Fragments (Cousin Silas)

Electric Portraits (Cousin Silas)

Earth (EOB/Ed O’Brien)

Honey For Wounds (Ego Ella May)

Hey Clockface (Elvis Costello)

Vestibule (Fictions and Poetics)

Fetch the Bolt Cutters (Fiona Apple)

Shore (Fleet Foxes)

1000 Hands: Chapter One (Jon Anderson)

Inner Song (Kelly Lee Owens)

Fragility (Kevin Buckland)

Spook the Herd (Lanterns on the Lake)

Song for Our Daughter (Laura Marling)

Eine Phase des Übergangs (Martin Neuhold)

Serpentine Prison (Matt Berninger)

Dark Matter (Moses Boyd)

Moonlight in October (Puppy Bordiga)

A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip (Sparks)

Choosing my top three albums has been very difficult, and any of the above could easily have been chosen, especially the reflective ones (of which there are many). In the end I’ve gone for albums which are more upbeat overall, even if presenting challenging content. In third place Jon Anderson, in second place Fiona Apple, and in first place Sparks.

You can see the albums that just missed out here.

My favourite single of 2020 is: No Time To Die (Billie Eilish)

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