Advent Wreath Ceremony 2020

I found this blog post and I’m happy to reblog as it compliments my Advent Sunday Devotional Candle one.

Gifts in Open Hands

Every home should have a circle with four lights. In some places, hybrid churches some people will be in a church building but always we name that the primary place of claiming God’s light is where each person lives. Four electric tea lights and a circle of dark green felt can be easily given to those who need them.

Several years ago Cláudio Carvalhaes, professor of worship at Union Theological Seminary, suggested that we lament before we light – naming those things which oppose or diminish hope, peace, joy and love. We name them and then claim the power of that light over them. I have always remembered that lesson and in this strange year his insight seems even more true.

Each person would contribute one word or name several of the things which oppose hope or shatter peace, the things we miss that seem so important to joy, the…

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