Respect the Poppy

With Remembrance Sunday approaching, I wish people would refrain from sharing images of the poppy for ideological purposes or political point-scoring.

Unfortunately, many politicise and weaponise the Remembrance Poppy for their own agenda, when it’s actually a symbol to unite.

Can we agree that all those who gave their lives for our freedom should be afforded this respect? Is it too much to ask to forget politics and cheap point-scoring at this sombre and thoughtful time?

Similarly, fake information is often shared that poppies are not sold in certain areas for fear of offending minorities. In reality, posts that suggest this are most likely promoting far-right bigotry, hatred and racism. We need to think before sowing seeds of division and hatred. Truth and integrity are vital in today’s world.

Some choose to wear a white poppy for peace (one which also signifies remembrance) and some wear both. They are not contradictory, both poppies can and do grow together. Remembering past sacrifices and working for peace are both needed in our troubled world.

So, however you commemorate Remembrance Sunday this year, wear your red poppy with pride and keep a white poppy of peace in your heart all year.

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