Simple Tips to Boost your Mood

As much as many of us enjoy fresh coffee (not instant), it’s not always the best thing for our moods, especially if we’re anxious or stressed. It’s one of the reasons I usually limit myself to one coffee a day before about 2.00 pm so it doesn’t disturb my sleep.

I’ve previously written about the value of nature in lifting our mood. I found being outside especially helpful in the strict coronavirus pandemic lockdown earlier this year. Simply taking a walk can boost our mood, moving our bodies and getting out in the daylight can also help clear the mind. Problems will often become less intractable after a break in the open air.

We also need to seek out the good stuff. Since retirement I’ve started to keep a daily journal. I simply write about the day to day events, but also what I’m grateful for, and how I’m feeling about things. At the end of the day it can be helpful to write down three things you were thankful for or enjoyed. Even bad days will have had their good moments, so reflect on them and what you’re feeling.

Finally, ask for help, even though we’re often reluctant to do this. Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way is how Roger Waters of Pink Floyd summed up the English character in the song Time on the classic album The Dark Side of the Moon. Yet it can be so beneficial when we overcome our natural unwillingness to ask.

I found life difficult before, during and after moving to a new house and area this year. Fortunately, I had a colleague and friend who I could chat to on Messenger or telephone at any time. This was invaluable in lifting my mood and keeping me focussed. Incidentally, asking for help often gives the other person a wellbeing boost, a win-win situation.

Life will always throw challenges and difficulties at us, ones that can affect our mood negatively. Let’s take simple steps (as far as we’re able) to lift our emotions and moods.

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