Windows is NOT the only OS


I’ve previously posted about making your own Chromebook from an old laptop (or netbook) using CloudReady, well here’s another way to do it using Linux.

Now that I have my own Chromebook, I’ve installed Linux on both an old laptop and netbook; Linux Mint on the laptop and Puppy Linux on the netbook, although there are many Linux operating systems (or distros) to choose from.


You will need to download and install your Linux distro of choice onto a USB flash drive, and then use it to boot your laptop. This is a little bit technical, but don’t let that put you off, find a geek to help you (or ask me nicely and buy me a coffee). Then it’s a simple process. The process wipes the laptop, so backup first.

What are you waiting for? Your new FREE Linux laptop awaits you!

Note: I tried Linux Lite before Puppy Linux, but had some keyboard issues. Having said that, Puppy Linux is great and very fast on an old netbook.

4 thoughts on “Windows is NOT the only OS

  1. That’s cool John, but what makes your Mint install a Chromebook? I never really understood the need and advantages of Chromebooks over real laptops.
    Thx for reading my blog, I’m stalking yours now, too. 😉

  2. Thanks. A Chromebook is useful if you work mainly online, it also has the advantages of starting/closing quicker and long battery life. Best wishes, John.

  3. I still don’t get it. The quick start is due to the OS, not the hardware, no? And far as I know Mint doesn’t have a Chrome OS and Mint isn’t known for being a very spunky distro anyway. So what gives?

  4. Let me try and explain. The OS used on a Chromebook is ChromeOS or an open-source alternative such as CloudReady. Linux comes in a variety of ‘distros’ of which Linux Mint and Puppy Linux are two. If you click on the links in the post it will give you more information. Hope this helps, John.

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