Our Common Humanity


Imagine the thing that is most precious to you, then think how you’d feel if it were twisted and used against you for evil purposes…..That’s how ordinary Muslims feel when Islam is hijacked, distorted and abused by terrorists who want to justify the murder and maiming of innocent people.

Muslims not only feel the pain and suffering we all do, they also feel that something sacred has been defiled. If that double-whammy wasn’t enough, there are those who would spread hatred and promote Islamophobia for their own agenda. Let’s celebrate our common humanity and be peacemakers, because that’s what the world needs above all else.

See also here.

One thought on “Our Common Humanity

  1. All those innocent people going about minding their own business, dying in the line of duty or just having fun seeing the sites, one chorus I can’t get out of my head ……

    Somewhere amidst the confusion, there will be hope, there will be love, there will be God…..

    I stand by that, always have and always will, a simple faith and belief is all you need for Peace in our uncertain world!

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