Getting SAASY


My vocation as a Salvation Army Corps Officer centres on being a pastor and preacher, but (inevitably) there are other duties and roles I have to undertake and fulfil as a Minister of Religion responsible for a worship and community centre in Wallsend. One that doesn’t sit comfortably with me is that of administration and particularly accounting, but it’s a role I have to fulfil in the absence of a treasurer (although I have an excellent Corps Secretary who works with me as a volunteer).

The finance system the Salvation Army uses goes by the wonderful name of Agresso, and is soon to have an upgrade to SAASY (Salvation Army Accounting SYstem) at the start of the new financial year. Today I attended a training day for the new web-based system, with an excellent buffet lunch provided by my Divisional Headquarters. By the end of the excellent training day my eyes had well and truly glazed over, but only because I can only deal with finance in small doses.

So, what’s my initial verdict? Well, it’s a lot for everyone to get their heads around, but I think (ultimately) it will be an improvement all round. I just feel sorry for those who prefer to do their accounting in a ledger with a pen! What are the thoughts of my colleagues?

2 thoughts on “Getting SAASY

  1. I was very apprehensive about Saasy and after almost 1 week of using the system perhaps those fears have lessened slightly. As a volunteer (Corps Treasurer) I am concerned about the time the inputting can take particularly with regard to Cartridges. Not really too anxious to spend more time on SA Finance than I already do but hopefully things will speed up after a couple of week. Given the errors that have been made by THQ in inputting the CIDs since last July particularly where completing the Bank reconciliation took almost 6 hours instead of the usual one hour, one Bank Rec had 41 THQ errors! I am not filled with confidence in the ability of THQ staff to administer the system. It will certainly be interesting to see if all Standing Orders hit the right account in a timely fashion and that Contractors and Suppliers invoices are settled before litigation proceedings are threatened.

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